Power cord purchase tips


Although the power cord is small, it has a heavy responsibility. It is not only directly related to the use effect and life expectancy of household appliances, but also related to the safety of the users personal and property. Therefore, co...

What is a shielded insulated po


1. Performance requirements of shielded power cord: Basic requirements for similar power cords that are not shielded. 2, because it meets the requirements of equipment for shielding (anti-interference performance), it is generally recommend...

Power line manufacturing proces


Every day, the power cord is produced. The power cord has to be more than 100,000 meters a day, and the plug is 50,000. With such huge data, the production process must be very stable and mature. After continuous exploration and research, a...

Power line performance


The power cord is an accessory for home appliances, but it plays a vital role in the use of home appliances. If the power cord is broken, the entire appliance cannot be used. Household power cords should use BVV22.5 and BVV21.5 models. BVV...



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